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Thursday, September 24, 2015

As the start of Autumn, I thought it would be fitting to post some lovely summery snaps of the rich green leaves and blossoming flowers before the leaves turned red and orange. I love the change in seasons and the colours shifting from pink to green and orange to grey. These photos were taken in the gardened area of the Southampton central city parks. I have walked passed this park many times but hadn't ever stopped to admire the gardens. It was so lucky to have beautiful hot weather and dappled light and photographing a wonderful young woman. The lush greens, white summer dress and Dessy's dark auburn hair was a wonderful palette to work with - so refreshing! Had a great time taking photos of Dessy, and she's such a beauty isn't she? Lovely to meet up with a former colleague and take some relaxing and fun photos in the park. We had discussed taking photos for some time and really happy to finally share the images with you all :)

Ooh on another note - for all those photographers out there... finally got round to buying VCSO film and so happy with my purchase of Lightroom presets! These photos were predominantly edited using Kodak Portra 160- with some tweaks and love the new feel to my images and taking it back to the film days :). What you think of the new look? I certainly feel the colours pop out a bit more.

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