Being a grown up & moving in with the other half (& getting a shiny new office too!)

Friday, March 23, 2018

There have been lots of big changes in the past few months, one of which was deciding to move in with my partner, Rob of almost 7 years and take the plunge in getting a place together! For me, it wasn't something that I thought of doing spontaneously as it's a big leap from seeing each other on some weeknights and evenings but to actually share a place where we can collectively call home was next step for our relationship. With the other half being in the Royal Navy, it was tricky to find the right time to really plan and do it. Being a wedding photographer, I love listening to couple's stories of how they got together, often living with one another first before tying the knot, and it fills me with so much joy hearing how they made it happen. So now it's time for me to follow in their footsteps and I suppose, see what the fuss is all about! :D

We found a lovely 2-bed apartment in a little village called Botley, just on the outskirts of Southampton where we could dip one toe in the countryside and the other on the edges of the city, which seemed like a nice balance. Having lived in the city centre for 6+ years, it was time to experience a little of the country life (I won't be getting a farm just yet! But being surrounded by a little more greenery will do me good!) It's on the top floor of a semi-detached house and I'm a little excited by the fact that we get a front door, a little patch of grass (we can just about fit a BBQ so it's definitely a garden!) an attic, garage and my own home office which all seems like I'm doing the whole 'adulting' pretty well (my mum will be proud!).

I write this blog post today as this weekend it's finally arrived, the big MOVE! 

Me being me has prioritised writing this blog post over packing boxes though I feel before everything changes, I wanted to share my thoughts on this next step in my journey so far. Having lived in a shared house since 18, I've learned to be independent but dependent too in the sense of having housemates to talk to when you're feeling both excited and low, and having lived in my current house and have become friends over the years is something I will miss the most. When I transitioned from full-time work in an office environment to working from home and running my business full-time last year, my housemates were my new work colleagues. Although the 'chats by the water-cooler' were replaced by drinking lots of tea in the lounge/kitchen & binging on random TV shows & chatting about life, it was the little things that helped get me through the day and starting life as a freelancer.

I am very excited to be moving into the new place, having chosen our new home two months ago, I feel ready than ever for this next step in my life. I've even prepared myself with design magazines, a trusty Pinterest board, Pantone colour palettes and an Ecoya scented candle to help with the inspiration of decorating the new place. As we head into Spring, it seems the right time for a fresh start and new beginnings, just in time for when wedding season kicks in. I'm sure I will be sharing lots of pictures and a blog post when my shiny new office is up and running (MTV Cribs anyone?) most likely adorned with Ikea furniture! 

Let me know your thoughts about what it was like moving in with your other half.

Wish me luck! x

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