Turning 25
(plus a surprise trip to Edinburgh!)

Friday, May 18, 2018

ARRRGHHH, so I realise the majority of big milestones in my life start with a loud expressive shriek of some sort to announce to the world of a new chapter. This is one of those things where I feel it calls for such an occasion... turning 25!

I must admit, I wasn't really sure what to do write for my birthday blog post. In the weeks leading up to my birthday, in some ways I was dreading getting a year older and enjoyed saying I was in my young twenties. Even when my lovely mum asked what I would like for my birthday a month in advance (she's really organised!), I stuttered and avoided thinking about it as the thought of being considered 'old' was a little daunting. For some reason, I have a perception of what old and young is and when you're an innocent 12-year-old thinking about being a 'grown-up', 25 years old seems really old and that's when you're a 'proper adult'. In some ways, I was right at twelve! In my previous post about finally moving in with my partner of almost seven years, I realise there's lots of adulting that needs to be done particularly in the form of admin... change of your bank, driver's license, insurance, doctors addresses, setting up bills, signing more contracts... the list goes on! However, celebrating my 25th birthday yesterday, I realise I didn't need to dread being 25. I say to many friends that age is just a number and it's how you feel inside that counts, not societies pressures that dictate how you should live & behave. I really should take my own advice!

Although, it's hard to tell what it will feel like being 25 (I'm only a day in), but what I know is that I've already been 'adulting' pretty much throughout my twenties, I just didn't realise I was doing it! After a little reflection, these a few milestones I've experienced these past four years:

20 - Created my first magazine & social enterprise Penta Prism and secured investment from my university for my business
21 - Graduated from Solent University and got my first grown-up job doing a 9-5
22 - Secured a second investment from Solent LEP and thus started my business. Also photographed my first wedding independently
23 - Celebrated my first business anniversary
24 - Won IPSE UK Young Freelancer of the Year, became Hampshire Venus Awards Customer Service semi-finalist, UK Wedding Awards Best Wedding Photographer finalist, going full-time with my photography business and not to mention moving in with my partner into our first home together, to name a few…
25 - I'm not sure how I'll top off last year's experiences but I know I've got some exciting news to announce this July… watch this space!

I think it's safe to say adulting as a millennial is a little different compared to previous generations! I still feel young, but experienced in many other ways and taking every day at a time. Turning a quarter of a century does feel like a big milestone which has helped me reflect on what's important and cherished in my life. I consider myself fortunate to do a job I'm really passionate about, have an amazing partner in life and wonderful family & friends. There's still so much I want to explore, experience & achieve and I still feel I'm only just at the beginning of my journey.


One of which was having a surprise trip to Edinburgh last weekend from my amazing partner, Rob! Eeeek! I've never been to Scotland and what a wonderful place it is! Despite only going away for 3 days, it was an exciting full-on city breakaway which I loved. A few highlights were:

A birthday meal consisting of a 6-course tasting menu at Michelin starred restaurant, The Kitchin in Leith and delicious cocktails. Wearing a tight dress & heels was not a good idea after feeling like I was waddling out of the restaurant back to the hotel, it was that AMAZING!

A day out in the city centre, exploring the likes of Edinburgh Castle, the charming cobbled streets and markets, Princes Street Gardens, getting my obligatory Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh t-shirt (I collect one in every city they have a Hard Rock Cafe, I'm now at 13!) going to the Scotland Shop and getting a Henderson scarf (the other half is a Henderson!) and ending the day with cheeky cocktails at an Asian street food cocktail bar, Miss Woos.

The hotel itself was awesome! Malmaison Edinburgh, a boutique 4* hotel, a converted 1883 Seaman's mission which has beautiful views over the Water of Leith which was lovely to wake up to in the morning. Leith is a really lovely area, lots of history, fabulous food and charm.

Mimi's Bakehouse in Leith is a definite must for scrumptious cakes, bakes & anything sweet. Fabulously fun decor, their Oreo flavoured cheesecake was to die for! I'll be visiting again to try their afternoon tea!

There's so much to see and do in Edinburgh, and with easy flights from Southampton, I'll be sure to visit again soon! Here are a few snaps from my birthday weekend away...

Visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's official residence in Edinburgh and the home of Scottish royal history was a fantastic experience. I'm a big fan of the Royal Family, especially the Queen and to visit a palace stooped in history and beautiful artifacts were amazing. I'm a history buff at heart!

Visited Edinburgh as well? Let me know your thoughts & recommendations of places to visit for my next trip!

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